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In August, 1997, my husband and 14 year-old son, Gabriel, were posted to the American Embassy in Amman. George opened up the Regional Environmental Hub, the United States' program in the Middle East. Gabriel entered 9th grade at the American Community School Amman, and shortly thereafter, I started to work at the Amman Baccalaureate School, a Jordanian school, as the Head of the Performing Arts Department, teaching drama and music.

As it turned out, my experiences in Jordan were more enlightening for me than I could ever have anticipated. As I put myself in "Arab shoes", I learned that truth has many shades; it is not black and white, but often comes from one's own perspective. From a Jordanian and Palestinian point of view, the world does not understand what they are like, or what their culture offers. Along with trying to understand the Arabs, I learned that the road to peace is best trod by those who can experience life on the 'other side' as long as desire for peace is within one's heart and soul.

The Jewish people have a long tradition of story telling. The Talmud, the collection of ancient Rabbinic writings that are the basis for traditional Judaism, teaches us lessons through many tales. My story, of a Jewish woman working in the Arab world, is such a tale. Encouraged by many people who have heard about my experiences, I am carrying on the tradition by sharing the four years of life-changing events that happened to me, Miss Lee, Jordan's Jewish Drama Queen, in hopes that others will open their minds and hearts to the possibilities that can change the world.
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