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BLACK HISTORY / Plus d’un siècle de lutte pour les mêmes droits [ 23 Feb 2008 ]

Emouvante, saisissante mais très intéressante. La performance de la comédienne et soprano Lee-Alison Sibley, hier au CCA Antanimena, a été très bien accueillie par l’assistance qui est restée ébahie devant les informations relatées en chansons et en images par la chanteuse. En arrivant, on s’attendait évidemment à de la musique. Avec sa guitare, l’artiste a tantôt interprété des morceaux relatifs aux événements racontés, tantôt commenté les images qui défilaient sur le grand écran. L’histoire...   Read More  
Porte ouverte sur Madagascar / Mother, artist and citizen of the world [ 06 Apr 2007 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley puts her talents to the service of diplomacy " I sing to represent my government… and I represent the culture of the United States at the same time… I thus support the career of my husband… And I think that it is very helpful for his work that I sing in public to represent the American culture."   Read More  
The Telegraph / Children of the Rainbow [ 27 Jun 2003 ]

Harmony was in the air on June 21 when Spandan presented Rabindrasangeet singer Pramita Mallick with soprano Lee-Alison Sibley at G.D. Birla Sabhaghar. Though hyped as "When East Meets West", it was not meant to be a serious affair.   Read More  
Champa (Bangladesh), at al. / Down Memory Lane [ 2003 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley, an American vocalist schooled in Western classics, took a select audience on a virtual tour down memory lane on September 21 evening. The event, hosted by Ms. Judith A. Chammas, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of the United States of America, comprised musical renditions by the soprano of some unforgettable numbers in Broadway shows and films of the forties and fifties, such as The Sound of Music, The King and I, and Shaw's My Fair Lady (Pygmalion).   Read More  
The Telegraph / A Touch of Class [ 2002 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley (soprano) and Shashi Puri (piano) were twin jewels in the crown at a concert at the Taj Bengal on November 23, where they were accompanied by the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra. The orchestra are now more in tune than ever in recent memory, due in no small part to the intensive coaching they have received recently.   Read More  
Washington Report / Evaluation of Opera and Folk Singer Lee-Alison [ 6 Mar 1990 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley made history on March 3 as the first westerner in anyone's memory to perform in the devoutly Islamic city of Banda Aceh. What began with a few unknown expectations and trepidations concluded with Lee-Alison singing an Acehnese prayer with Syiahkaula University administrators and their spouses.   Read More  
Mexico City, D F Miercoles - A Spanish Review [ 28 Sep 1983 ]

In the great hall called George Messersmith in the Mexican-North American Institute of Culture, the North American singer Lee-Alison gave a recital focussing on music of the Americas.   Read More  
Mexico City News / Three Penny Opera [ 4 Jun 1982 ]

The fog hangs over Victorian London, while down its back streets lurk some of its many shady characters, Crook-Fingered Jake, Matt the Mint, Robert the Saw, some overly-painted tarts and "the last gentleman in London," the arch villain Mack the Knife. These are just some of the characters that populate the Bertolt Brecht-Kurt Weill musical Three Penny Opera, currently being performed by the Theatre Workshop.   Read More