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Le Moyne College / Center for Peace and Global Studies Past Events [ April 9 2004 ]

Le Moyne College’s Center for Peace and Global Studies presented a lecture titled "Peace Initiatives Through Different Prisms" by Lee-Alison Sibley on Monday, April 19, at 7 p.m. in the Curtin Special Events Room
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The Statesman / She is different [ 15 Jun 2003 ]

Affable, funny and refreshingly informed, Lee-Alison Sibley speaks 10 languages, has a Master's in curriculum development and has delighted Kolkata music lovers with a near perfection rendition of Tagore's songs. And incidentally, she is the wife of the US consul general in Kolkata.   Read More  
Times News Network / Peace: The Lee way [ May 13 2003 ]

Peace marches, anti-war protests and women’s liberation have been issues close to her heart since she was a child. Lee has walked with Martin Luther King, the famous African American leader give his moving speech “I have a dream...that all people one day will be free,” and it is that anthem for peace and liberty that is echoed in her songs. Not just King but the tenets of Mahatma Gandhi have played a major influence in her life.   Read More  
The Week / A Yankee Sangeet [ 16 Nov 2003 ]

She is a classic case of beauty with brains. Lee-Alison Sibley, is a culinary expert, trekking instructor, calligraphy specialist and accomplished guitarist. She will be singing Tagore songs in Chennai during the first week of December. The occasion is 'The Other Festival' organised at The Park's on December 4.   Read More  
Times of India / American Beauty, Desi Style [ 27 Jun 2003 ]

The one thing that is remarkable about Lee-Alison Sibley is the way she meets people. Warm, friendly and jovial-Lee is sure to strike chord with anyone who comes in contact with her.   Read More  
The Asian Age / Mistress of Spices [ 22 Jun 2003 ]

As a teenager she marched alongside Martin Luther King Jr. As a social worker she works to better the lives of slum children. She is a trained Opera singer and can speak ten languages. Lee-Alison Sibley has cramped into one life that of many others. She speaks to Dipanita Nath about her life, her role as the wife of the US consul general, her book, charity works and love for avocados.
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The Telegraph / Tuning into a New Town [ 20 Jun 2003 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley on a day this April in the life of the US consul general's wife.
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The Jerusalem Report / Jordan's Jewish Drama Queen [ Jul 30 2001 ]

Lee-Alison Sibley is a drama queen. The door of her office at high school where she headed the Performing Arts Department for the last four years proclaims it to be so. Her students adore her.   Read More  
The Star / Memory of Martin Luther King Jr. [ Jan 20 2000 ]

Singing to the Civil Rights Movement
"I have a dream", with these words the late US Civil Rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. captured the hearts and the minds of African Americans around the United States. In his memory, the American center in Amman hosted, 17th January, a special concert by the American guitarist Lee-Alison Sibley. The concert was held on the 71st anniversary of the civil rights leader who was born on 15th January, 1929.   Read More  
Tunisia News / Interview, African American History Month [ Mar 4 2000 ]

The months of February was proclaimed Black History Month in the US - an initiative that seeks to acknowledge the participation of African Americans to the history and culture of United States and to bring to mind their fight for freedom and equal rights. To mark the event, the American Center in Tunis invited vocal performer and actress Lee-Alison Sibley to a series of venues in Tunisia. Ms. Sibley first went to Sfax and did a performance for students of American civilization before singing at Espace Sophonisbe in Carthage and at the US Ambassador's residence in Sidi Bon Said. Before leaving Tunisia, Ms. Sibley talked to Tunisia News about her trip and involvement with Civil Rights Movement. Excerpts.   Read More