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Times of India / American Beauty, Desi Style [ 27 Jun 2003 ]

The one thing that is remarkable about Lee-Alison Sibley is the way she meets people. Warm, friendly and jovial- Lee is sure to strike chord with anyone who comes in contact with her. Talk to her about her passion (read music, charity work and art) and Sibley's eyes twinkle with joy just like those of a child who has just received her Christmas present.

Apart from her regular appearances at high profile events including the art walk at the Oberoi Grand or classical music appreciation session at the Raj Bhawan, Sibley is eager to help ordinary people too. Of late, she is helping a Bengali theatre actress pick up the American accent. "Seema Ghosh, the actress, is playing the role of an American in a play called Riot. I thought it was more important that she studied the body language. We Americans have a particular hand gesture and are slightly outgoing in our behavior. I invited her to my residence so that she could watch me at home and pick up those mannerisms." she said.